Panchayat Season 2 Review👍👍

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One Line Review: Season two of Panchayat stays steady, keeps the entertainment value alive, rich with emotions.

(2020) on IMDb

Youtube Trailer Panchayath Season 2

Cast: Jitendra Kumar, Neena Gupta, etc.

Directed By: Deepak Kumar Mishra

Release Date: May 20, 2022



Panchayat season 2 takes off where season 1 ended and gives an in-depth insight of Phulera and the villagers.

“One of the best web series climax in last 12 months”

~  DNA India

Our rating for Panchayat Season 2 is 10/10.


Abhishesk slowly starts to get indulged in his job as the secretary of Phulera village. Pradhan Ji and his wife is busy seeking a match for their daughter Rinky and a friendhip flourishes between Rinky and Abhishek.

Bhushan is adamant to slowly turn the villagers against Pradhan Ji and make his wife the next Pradhan on coming elections. While Phulera and the Panchayat is busy with numerous things happening, a cloud of sadness engulfs the village.


The reason why Panchayat works is that, it shows a very fresh, pure face of rural India. While the urban world is engulfed by dirty chaos, the rural areas like Phulera have a fair share of their own ‘innocent’ problems to deal with.

Just like the first season, without touching even a trace of boredom, season 2 too glides smoothly through the life of Phulera. While the president, deputy president and the secretary deal with the Panchayat work and more, it is really fun to watch through all the happenings.

During the climax of the season 2, Faisal Malik who played the character of Prahlad stole the show with his extraordinary performance. While the viewers were prepared to watch something in specific, the makers ended this season by delivering something totally unexpected making it too worth a watch.


The beautiful saga of Phulera and its people continues in Panchayat season 2 as well, one of the best series ever made.

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