Red Movie Review

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One Line Review: A messed up remake of an excellent piece of art (Thadam)!

(2010) on IMDb
YouTube Trailer Red

Starring: Ram Pothineni, Malvika Sharma

Director: Kishore Tirumula

Release Date: 14th January 2021



Back then when I watched Thadam, I became a fan of it. But, today, as I watched Red, I started to sink in the deep sea of disappointment. I don’t know why directors think that remaking an already hit and old concept with new faces will do them and the audience any good. But, here we are. Another remake, another story of broken expectation. Quite frankly I didn’t expect it from Netflix at least.

Plot Summary

So there’s a guy (Aditya), who is living his peaceful life. He loves a girl, who, not surprisingly, also loves him. Everything is going very well for both of them. But there’s another guy, who is a lookalike of Aditya. He kills someone and the police find a photo while investigating the site. Based on the photo, police arrest Aditya by mistake. So it’s up to Aditya and the party to prove his innocence, and the police to arrest the real murderer.

Aspect 1:

I am not quite sure if it were the subtitles or the actual dialogues of the movie were creepy and cliche. The movie is filled with unasked, unnecessary, and not-so-meaningful monologues. Talking of music and BGM, I’ll not complain about it. But the movies as I don’t understand a single bit of their music culture. So it’s up to you, whether you like it or not.

Aspect 2:

It was only Ram, who pulled the movies all together to the end. He did a good job in acting and managing double roles demanding a complete change of focus and concentration. Ram was so bright in his role that the remaining cast of the movie felt too shy to act. Literally. As I’ve already mentioned, the movie is below average story and plot-wise. I have some serious complaints about this whole remake culture.


(In an optimistic tone) If you haven’t watched Thadam, then you can watch Red. That’s the only criteria of watching it. You’ll have no expectation from it and most importantly, you won’t have

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