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One Line Review: Vikrant Rona opens up a new world of fantasy presented in a rich manner.

 Vikrant Rona
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Cast: Kichcha Sudeepa, Nirup Bhandari, etc.

Release Date: July 28, 2022


Vikrant Rona is a cop, who comes to a rural village to solve a crime that is backed by a shadowing mystery.

“A solid mystery that unfolds a bit too late”

~  Times Of India

Our rating for Vikrant Rona is 07/10.


An inspector gets killed in a mysterious and gruesome manner in the village of Kamarottu. The kamarottu house is believed to be haunted by a bootha (ghost). Vikrant Rona comes to the village as the new inspector to uncover the mystery behind the deaths that had been happening in Kamarottu since past 28 years.

While Rona starts to dig deeper to solve the case, he uncovers more shocking truths that had been buried deep down in the history of Kamarottu.


For those who have watched Anup’s previous movie, Rangitaranga, Vikrant Rona may seem similar to its plot. As both the stories happens around the Kamarottu village and the myths prevailing there. But if you think a bit deeper, considering the time period of both the movies, it’ll become evident that Anup is trying to build a universe of his style here.

Vikrant Rona can be defined as a technically well-made craft. As an investigation thriller, it makes you think and think and think till the climax and probably even after that. The way Anup had built the world of Vikrant Rona sheds light to the kind of work behind it, let it be content wise and craft wise. CGI looks very convincing, 3D effects are on par with Hollywood, and there can’t be a better person to play Vikrant Rona other than the man himself – Kichcha Sudeep who aces in acting.

Ajaneesh’s background score and the songs are a huge plus for the movie, offering adrenaline rush at the right places. William David’s cinematography gives the movie a very rich feels. In short, Vikrant Rona is a good crime thriller that stands very high in technical aspects.


Vikrant Rona is yet another product from Kannada Film Industry that ups the game a level more higher with its content and making.

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