Rinkle Mehta

  Rinkle is a dreamer, reader, writer, mother, and blogger. She is an entertainment lover and in recent years she had watched different kinds of national as well as international web series. Being a writer, she had started writing reviews on web series which she recently watched and gave her opinion about the series. Being a mother, she also watched how important it is for a child to get entertainment, and that is why she had created some creative content and the best entertainment channel for kids.


5 Stories by Rinkle Mehta

Top 10 Youtube Channels for Indian Kids

There is no doubt that Youtube has various channels for kids, so we have collected the top channels which are entertaining the kids and...
3 min read

Top Netflix Cartoon Series for Indian Kids

Cartoon series has an amazing impact on a kid’s life. Kids watch these cartoons for fun and enjoy in their free time. It teaches...
3 min read

Netflix Movies for Seniors India

With a lot of options for movies for youth and kids on Netflix, it is always challenging to find out the movies for older...
3 min read

Youtube Channels for Hindi Movies

Youtube Channels for Hindi Movies covering latest films, timeless classics and cerebral parallel cinema
1 min read

Netflix TV Series for Seniors India

Netflix TV Series for Seniors India: Looking for some clean non-violent shows dubbed in Hindi to watch? Fikr not, we have got you covered!
2 min read