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  https://fandom.yougle.ai/insights Thank ya' for stoppin' by. I'm Akanksha. I'm a copywriter and I love movies. I take a break from my work to watch my favorites. I'm really into science fiction and adventure movies. And when I'm not working or watching movies, I play with my dog (Fury).


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Why people did not watch JOEY?

Joey TV Series The Joey is better than ever. While still being the same old lad. He is still good with the girls, He still...
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Deadly Illusions Movie Review

Deadly Illusions Movie Review: I’ve seen the rating before I clicked on this movie. I was hoping to find something worth praising in this...
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The Beast Movie Review

The Beast Movie Review: I wish there were a bit fewer flashbacks and backstory, I could’ve managed with the hero getting smashed consistently. Anyways,...
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Pagglait Movie Review 👍

Pagglait Movie Review: This movie is sort of female-centric. Males are not going to enjoy it or even understand it to that level. Still,...
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The Girl On The Train Movie Review

The Girl On The Train Movie Review: If you haven’t seen the original movie then go for it, because you won’t have expectations from...
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Madam Chief Minister Movie Review 👍

Madam Cheif Minister Movie Review: 👍 A bit more attention to detail would’ve turned out to be amazing but still, this film is not what...
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Mumbai Saga Movie Review 👍

Mumbai Saga Movie Review: 👍 Mumbai saga is a good movie, if you are into underworld wars drama and been following the Mumbai underworld theme,...
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Radhe Movie Review 👎👎👎

Radhe Movie Review: 👎👎👎 I don’t want you to suffer from the pain in the bottom after watching shitty movies. That’s why it is my...
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Army of the dead Movie Review

Army of the dead Movie Review: Dude, this isn’t like any other zombie movie. This one has all the action and all the special...
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