Diksha Dolas

  https://fandom.yougle.ai/insights/ My name is Diksha and I am a big movie buff. I feel like movies make us escape and take us to the world of dreams. Especially romantic movies! I am a daydreamer and a partial chiller in life.


7 Stories by Diksha Dolas

Review: The Fabulous lives of Bollywood Wives 👎

Review: The Fabulous lives of Bollywood Wives 👎 Thankyou KJo for being honest and saying, “ Why the f*#^! should I watch a show about...
2 min read

Dev D Movie Review

Dev D Movie Review: Dev D is a modern day Kashyap style Devdas
3 min read

Naal Movie Review

Naal Movie Review: “Naal is the definition of BEAUTIFUL in the form of a movie!"
3 min read

Gully Boy Movie Review

Gully Boy Movie Review: Gully Boy is a must-watch movie filled with entertainment, power loaded performances, and progressive music that surely gives goose-bumps.
2 min read

The Lunchbox Movie Review

The Lunchbox Movie Review: “A co-incidental subtle romance which has a soul of itself”!
3 min read

Dear Zindagi Movie Review

Dear Zindagi Movie Review: "Dear Zindagi" is a fresh movie with a fresh story. It makes us realize that it is okay to fall...
2 min read

Laila Majnu Movie Review

"Laila Majnu" is the purest love story you will ever watch. It's is an underrated masterpiece, a must-watch for people who believe in love...
3 min read